Most people eat food that is making them sick. You don’t have to live that way! We provide you with quality pastured chicken that you can be sure is improving your health, not sabotaging it.


Our Methods

We believe in raising food by working with nature, not against it. So we use models from nature to raise our pastured chicken and produce. Our meats and produce are beyond organic – raised with fresh grass, sunshine, and no chemicals or GMOs.


The Farmers

We are Judah and Ariel. Lovers of our Lord Jesus Christ, each other, hard work, and farming. We got married in February of 2017 and don’t intend to wait until we are older to pursue our passions and make a difference! Judah is a carpenter, welder, gearhead, knifemaker, and entrepreneur. He works crazy hard and is building a tiny house for us on our farm. Ariel is a gardener, nurturer, editor, and organizer. She has been passionate about sustainable and natural living as long as she can remember, making herbal concoctions, gardening, and cooking. Our goal is to serve others well, and farming is our passion!

Our goal is to serve our Lord by serving others well and taking care of the resources we have. Farming is our passion, and farming is how we aim to meet this goal! Our farm is open to visitors, and we’d love to meet you there! Shoot us a line below if you’re interested in our products or just want to say hey!

Mornings on the Farm

This was last year's chicken shelter and morning chores. Since then, we've scaled up and have a slightly different model for our shelters!

Get to Know Us