The Brooder

Dry. 90-95ºF. Not drafty. Well-ventilated. Easily accessible for humans. Totally predator-proof. These are words that get tossed around a lot when talking about chick brooders, and there’s a reason! Chicks are fragile and if even one of these areas is lacking, you will know because some of your chicks will be quiet, lethargic, and, possibly,Continue reading “The Brooder”

This is Just the Beginning – Chicks

They have arrived! 204 tiny fluffballs came in the mail on April 13th. These are cornish cross chicks, which is a meat breed. I counted them and dipped each little beak in sugar water (this gets them started on the right foot by helping to hydrate and energize them until they find the food andContinue reading “This is Just the Beginning – Chicks”