How do You Want to Connect with Us?


Hello friends! This year we will be raising pastured chicken to sell at the Boone County Farmer’s Market and will also be taking orders from people who we meet but who don’t come to the market. Lord willing, our first batch of chicken will be ready for market/pickup on May 11, 2019.

Feel free to reach out with any questions here, check out our price list here, and inquire about placing an order here

Here’s an important update if you want to stay connected with farm happenings… We are transitioning to sending out weekly email updates instead of putting updates on this blog. This website will be just for pricing, contact info, and basics of who we are! Click here to sign up for our email updates.

In future, there will be three different ways to stay connected with farm happenings (in addition to seeing us in person, of course!). Feel free to follow the ones that suit your needs!

  1. Email updates (replacing these blog updates) – weekly emails containing:
    • Product updates (i.e. “This week we have drumsticks back in stock!”)
    • Relevant recipes
    • Fun farm news and facts
  2. Instagram
    • Farm pictures and in-the-moment updates via Instagram stories
  3. Facebook
    • Some farm pictures
    • Product updates

Thank you for supporting us in our farming journey. We look forward to getting to serve you in any way we can!

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