This is Just the Beginning – Chicks

20170413_094223They have arrived! 204 tiny fluffballs came in the mail on April 13th. These are cornish cross chicks, which is a meat breed. I counted them and dipped each little beak in sugar water (this gets them started on the right foot by helping to hydrate and energize them until they find the food and water on their own) then spent some time watching them as they got used to their new home.20170413_094028I actually hung out in the brooder for a bit… It’s a good practice to spend time watching your animals regularly to make sure everything is going smoothly, but the only time I’d recommend actually hanging out in the brooder is within the first hour….. while the bedding is still clean. 😉 The chicks are super curious and aren’t very afraid of people for the first day or two, as you can see here! This little guy wanted to take a selfie, so I obliged. 20170414_14593320170414_145923This is the brooder! Judah built it in a few nights and the chicks are happy, warm, dry, and safe. Next up will be a post all about the brooder – stay tuned!

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